Take the pressure off patients and nursing staff by preventing bedsores

Nurses are overextended and overworked.

Infections caused by bedsores complicate the clinical picture and are easily avoided – if the staff has the time for constant patient moving.

Simply put, Lenexa Medical’s LenexaCARE Pressure Injury Management System helps clinicians to prevent bedsores effectively. Constructed with memory foam and using patented fabric-based sensor technology, the mattress provides pressure-relieving properties coupled with ultra-high breathability. Its proprietary fabric-sensor technology is embedded into standard, hospital-sized mattresses, requiring no special sheets.

The solution continually collects pressure and contact data and relays it via a user-friendly platform, ensuring staff turn the patient when required and not waste time by over or under turning.

LenexaCARE system enables personalised connected care

Monitors and logs the patient’s position and movements in real time

Utilizes a proprietary AI software system to provide personalized offloading strategies and timing

Incorporates a sensor directly into a fitted hospital-grade mattress cover, making it exceptionally cost effective

Supports healthcare providers with implementing an active PI prevention program

Incorporates additional custom-ordered patient monitoring capabilities

Incorporates additional bed-exit monitoring capabilities

The LenexaCARE system has regulatory approval in Australia and will be available in the United States, following FDA approval, which is expected soon.